• Hi! this is Vivian

    I live in the sunny Silicon Valley.
  • Design + Code at Chop
    Mobile Commerce written in React Native,
    works on iOS, Android and web
  • Capture through my camera
    Food, Drinks, People and Travel
  • Write at Between the Wires
    An interview series featuring those
    who are making designer and developer products.
  • Drink at The Tipsy Muse
    Creative cocktails needs great presentations.

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a little about me

I am a strong believer that we are multidimensional human beings.

I feel incredible lucky that I have the opportunities to explore in different directions througout my career. I believe in the continuous learning with a curious mind.

I do code + design at my own startup Chop.

I am a freelance photographer focusing on food and drinks, local businesses, people and travel.

I am a passioinate mixologist and I design cocktail recipes and provide photography service for brands and local businesses. My favorite drink is old fashioned and I can make more than 40 OF variations.

I do angel investments and advise for startups. I care about people and the relationshiop between them, future of the workforce, accessible education and developer/user experience so those are the areas I am investing.

Previously, I worked at Google for more than 8+ years in engineering leadership role, on Chrome, Cloud and Developer Platforms.

List of my current projects and how much time I spend on them:

I don't know where the future takes me, but I am getting there.

I can be reacched at viviancromwell at gmail dot com.